Special Address

Mr M C Sampath
Hon'ble Minister for Industries
Government of Tamil Nadu
Mr D Jayakumar
Hon’ble Minister for Finance
Government of Tamil Nadu
Mr Mangat Ram
Sharma, IAS
Principal Secretary to Government
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Department
Government of Tamil Nadu
Mr Atulya Misra, IAS
Principal Secretary to the Government
Industries Department,
Government of Tamil Nadu

Key Speakers

3rd Edition - Cii Startupreneurs 2017

Agenda 2017

Keynotes and Panel Discussions (Morning Session):

Is Tamilnadu ready to become the Startup Capital of India: TN Vision 2023

(Startups 2.0 and the role of the TN Government)

Startup 2.0: How is the Indian Startup Ecosystem Evolving?

(Youth vs Experience - What is the Secret Sauce?, What are the Startup activities in TN Colleges?, Perspectives and Growth stories from India's Startup Accelerators, Incubators, Co-Working Spaces)

Startup 2.0 Investment UnLocked

(Are VC's backing out?, Investing in ideas. Investing for a better tomorrow - How?, Early Stage Funding for Startups from Angels, Understanding VCs mindset for Startup 2.0! Time for Incubators to welcome Startup 2.0)

Scale and Profit: Can Startup 2.0 "Have It All"?

(How do you salvage failing Startups?, Who is burning the cash?)

Startup 2.0: 4 years From now? What comes next? Touching the future of Startups

(Where is the new investment paradigm? (Food, Health, Sports, Film, Tourism.....?), Smart Transportation & Energy Startup Opportunities, FinTech Startup Opportunities, Food, Tourism & Sports Startup Opportunities, Healthcare & Medical Startup Opportunities)

Workshops (Afternoon Session):

Design Thinking in the Indian Context (History, Culture, Religion)

Design Thinking for Startups

Industrial Design Thinking and UI/UX for Startups

Startup 2.0 Trends (AI/ML/Robotics/Chatbots)