CII Startupreneurs Since 2014

CII Startupreneurs Expo's main objective is to create a platform for the Start-ups to meet the End-user Companies, Potential Investors, Venture Capitalists, High-net-worth Individuals, Mentors, and Media. This exposition will create a great opportunity for the Young Start-up Companies with world class ideas in emerging technologies to meet with Industries and Venture capitalists to raise capital for their business, to launch their products and beyond. The Theme for CII Startupreneurs is “Wings for Entrepreneurs”.

Why Startups Should Attend

This will be the biggest startup expo in the region. You simply can’t afford not to be there. Meet Customers, Competitors, Bankers, Investors, Government Representatives from India and around the world.

CII Startupreneurs Expo is the ultimate event for emerging startups, everything from cloud tech to food processing to automotive to education and everything in between. Instead of a formal pitch session, the Startupreneurs expo floor is open for investors to visit demo tables freely, approaching startups at their own discretion. Startupreneurs Expo would be the one stop expo for end user companies to see exciting and innovative services, products and solutions.

Expo Space is limited so exhibitors must apply right away to participate in CII Startupreneurs Expo. Every effort will be made to accommodate startups who meet the exhibition requirements, but choices of exhibitors will be made based on space, content and with consideration to diversity among the participants.

Why CII Startupreneurs

A small break is all the difference between great success and oblivion. By providing a mega platform for Startups to assemble together with all the other spokes of enterprise in the State, from government agencies to financial institutions to businesses who can be your clients, Startupreneurs might provide just that spark you need to step up your game a level.


The best place for startups

Survival is the main challenge for Startups and less than 10% make it past the first year. Once we have learned to walk and then to run, we can even aspire to fly. But the early years are a challenge and having gone through that path our members are painfully aware of the pitfalls and constraints that can trip many a worthy contestant. At Startupreneurs, we hope that many of you will find solutions to issues that have held you back and maybe we can provide that small break to at least a few of you.

The Government is forever trying to find ways to encourage commerce and industry and there are incentives, grants and benefits that are available to you. Most startups are simply not aware of or do not have the time to avail these facilities. Government officials will be at the event to explain what might be available to you and help get you started in completing the processes involved to avail these facilities.

In this global village, your clients can be anywhere and you might need offices or representatives outside of India. Country representatives from around the world will be at CII Startupreneurs and who knows, you might just walk away with free office space for a year, to help you find your feet.